E-Max System

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Quite simply the finest solution in cosmetic dentistry, E-Max Veneers System uses ultra-thin layers of material to improve tooth aesthetics. This system can be used to restore a single tooth that may have been fractured or discoloured or to create the perfect Hollywood smile from over 10 different designs.

Full Contour E-Max Crown

Full-contour E-max crowns are one of the strongest, most fracture resistant, tooth coloured restorations in dentistry today. E-max crowns are prescribed with total confidence.

E-Max Inlay/Outlay

E-Max’s lab-fabricated restorative pieces fit perfectly onto the patient’s tooth to replace lost tooth structure and are the best way to match the colour of the original tooth. With an extremely natural look, E-Max’s inlays and onlays also offer reliable durability.

E-Max Hybrid Abutement Crown

Emax crown on implant is an abutment and a monolithic crown in-one. This efficient two-in-one solution is made of lithium disilicate (LS2), which is directly able to lute on all kinds of abutments. E-max crown over implant can be used to either screw retained or cemented crowns.

E-Max – CAD

IPS e.max CAD is a lithium desilicated glass-ceramic block used for the CAD/CAM technique. It enables the creation of tooth and implant-supported restorations for exceptional strength and aesthetics.
It will help us to serve partners with:

• Veneers
• Inlays
• Onlays
• Crowns
• Implant superstructures for single-tooth restorations (crown retained / cemented)

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