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What is home bleaching?

Home bleaching essentially involves you visiting our dentists here at The Italian Clinic Dubai, getting a set of trays for your teeth, and then applying bleach into those trays to whiten your teeth.

The bleach is usually carbamide peroxide, and has variable concentration levels. By and large, the higher concentration and thicker materials produce a lightening effect more quickly than lower concentration, less viscous materials. Higher concentrations are able to cause more sensitivity, and are tolerated for less periods of time usually.  Thus, how bleaching impacts you lifestyle is important in determining what agents you can use and for how long.

Home bleaching has the following advantages over other types of treatment:

  • Very little time at the dentist;
  • Usually much more financially affordable;
  • You are able to bleach your teeth at your own convenience.

Disadvantages include:

  • People have the responsibility of wearing the trays and completing the treatment themselves;
  • Many people like instant results and will want the treatment to take hours rather than weeks.

How home whitening is done

  • Our dentists will first conduct a full clinical examination and determine the cause of the discolouration. It should be decided if bleaching is the best method treatment for you, e.g. are veneersand crowns a better alternative?
  • Your dentist will take clinical records of how the teeth look before and after the treatment.
  • Any fillingsthat have decay around them may be removed and replaced as a temporary measure because the colour of the teeth will change.
  • A thorough scale and polish will be completed, especially on the teeth that are expected to get bleached.
  • You will be asked to open your mouth wide, and your dentist will take some moulds to make the bleaching trays that will fit only to your mouth
  • You will be recalled after the trays have been made and they will be tried in your mouth to see how they fit. Your dentist will show you how to apply the bleaching material to the tray.
  • You will be given written instructions to take home with you including how to perform the procedure, the side effects, tray-wearing times and managing tooth sensitivity.

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