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At Italian Dental Clinic we combine high technology with handicraft to offer the best aesthetic dental services to our patients.

Our in-house laboratory guarantees excellent service and value and our flexible approach allows us to work within the tightest of schedules.

CAD-CAM at Italian Dental Clinic improves the design and creation of dental restorations, especially for dental prostheses, including crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays, dental implant restorations and dentures (removable or fixed).

Temporary crown and bridge material at Italian Dental Clinic is used for the fabrication of temporary prostheses, such as crowns, partial crowns, bridges, veneers, as well as for customised prefabricated acrylic crowns used for long-term temporary restorations until a permanent restoration is fabricated.

Layered zirconia restorations at Italian Dental Clinic combine both strength and flexibility with the highest aesthetics needed for all posterior and anterior cases. Extensive laboratory testing has shown that the fracture toughness and flexural strength of zirconia is the highest of all ceramic materials.

With layered zirconia, no metal is visible and no unsightly black lines show at the gingival margins. Layered zirconia crowns and bridges are cemented conventionally with resin ionomers cement and are biocompatible in the mouth.

Zolid Zirconia (HT) at Italian Dental Clinic is a highly translucent, multi-indicative zirconium oxide that is not just a single product but also a complete system for guaranteed interference-free and aesthetic restorations.

Ceramill Zolid Classic at Italian Dental Clinic can be used for fully anatomical or anatomically reduced restorations and has impressive light dynamics, depth effect and natural aesthetics.

Monolithic zirconia avoids the problem of metal showing at the gum line or a gray hue showing through the crown.

This non-precious metal, available at Italian Dental Clinic, revolutionises the manufacturing process. The wax-like texture of the Sintron blanks (CoCr blanks) allows them to be effortlessly dry milled on in-house benchtop machines. The time consuming, manual labour-intensive and error-prone casting procedure work stages are no longer required

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