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The retention of pulpally involved primary teeth until the time of normal exfoliation remains to be a challenge. Primary teeth act as natural space maintainers in our oral cavity. Early loss of primary teeth may lead to more complex future dental problems such as loss of arch length.

Preservation of the primary teeth until their time of exfoliation is required to:

  1. Maintain arch length, masticatory function and esthetics.
  2. Eliminate pain, inflammation and infection.
  3. Prevent any additional pain or damage to the oral tissues.

Primary teeth with cariously exposed vital pulps should be treated with pulp therapies that allow for the normal exfoliation process. In such cases, our destists at The Italian Dental Clinic, may perform treatmants like a pulpotomy, where half or the infected part of the dental pulp is removed and biocompatible restorations are placed, aiding the tooth to heal until exfoliation. In severe cases, where the infection has spread further, our dentists may opt for a conventional root canal treatment where the entire dental pulp is removed and a suitable filling is placed.

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